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Writer's Block: Work, work, work

Would you rather work at a job that you enjoy but pays little or work at a miserable job that pays a lot?

Definitely a job that I enjoy. I can work my way up to a better salary doing something I like. Assuming the job is enough to get by on, I'd definitely prefer the one I enjoy, even if there is a better paying job available. I'd rather be getting by and happy, than miserable and wealthy. I don't need more stress by doing a job I don't like just for the money--I'll end up spending that money on stuff to cheer me up and then that makes the extra money kind of meaningless because it'd be gone that fast. If I have a job I enjoy, even if I can't have that extra stuff, I'm doing something I love and am happy, so I have less of a need to spend on that extra stuff. I'm happy without it, doing something I enjoy. I hope that's what I end up with.

That being said, still no response yet from the internships I sent cover letters and my resume out for. I keep looking for new ones, but I'm now realizing my tentative schedule for the Fall is making it a pain in the ass to find ones. A lot of them want two full week days, but by full days they mean 9-5, and I only have one day off and two others that I have class starting at 1:55 on one day and 4:30 on the other. The 1:55 one is mandatory so I can't get rid of that, and the 4:30 class would be a pain to change, but even if I could, the only alternative is an earlier class on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Tuesdays and Thursdays I have three classes right now, one of which will definitely have to be dropped if I get an internship in the fall. I won't be dropping all three though (I don't think I can and still be considered a full time student). So it's very difficult to find an internship that I will be able to do given my schedule. I am looking though, but I am still hoping for a response from someone (i do believe part of the reason I haven't gotten a response is due to the fact that some of the deadlines are still open--I'm hoping that really right now).

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