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Long Time No Update

Hello everyone! 

X_X Jeeze it has been a while. 

I will admit I've been spending a lot of time over at tumblr (same username), but I haven't updated that in a while either (save liking things--but then, I've been here randomly commenting on things too). 

I've got a full time job (actually got it back in March)! Which is awesome in the sense I have a job, and am getting paid. However, I've got a 45 minute commute (driving! I'm driving 5 days a week!), and usually come home exhausted. Thus, one reason for lack of activity. 

How has everyone been doing? What is everyone up to? Who is still active? XD

Hope you are all well. :)
Tags: friends, i'm currently into comics, life, oh my god i'm updating!, tumblr, work
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