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It disgusts me when I hear backwards-thinking crazies talking about how gays are going to hell, and picketing soldiers funerals saying that the reason they died was because of gays in America.
It horrifies me when people attack and kill queer people because of their sexuality or gender identity.

It is frustrating to continuously hear mainstream conservatives avoid the question of whether or not they personally believe homosexuality is choice, and claim that they are not homophobic but believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

It infuriates me when small groups of politicians and conservative citizens rally together to make it illegal for homosexuals (and by extension, single parents as well) to do something like adopt a child.

But I am sorry to say that I never, never expected to hear a mainstream political party in a state openly come out and say that they want to overturn Lawerence v. Texas (the court case that made homosexuality legal throughout the entire united states), because they honestly believed that homosexuality was so awful and terrible an act that it should be made criminal once again.

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Peter Prejudice

I promised my sister I would post this entry, so here it finally goes.

I went to Disney World with my boyfriend recently, and had a fabulous time. The staff was wonderful, the weather was perfect except for one day, and the parks were phenomenal. However, that is not what this entry is about.

Peter Pan seems to be disappearing.

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Peter Pan deserves support! He's a classic character with an incredibly original story. He has more fans out there, right?

Short Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

The movie Sherlock Holmes was absolutely fantastic. I would definitely love seeing it again. The set was realistic and artsy, the outfits I loved, the acting was superb, it was funny, had action, and plenty of mystery. There were little added in scenes of what Holmes does when he is bored, which I also greatly enjoyed (the man is so random I love it). Holmes' attitude and less-than-polite way of speaking was also kept perfectly intact in the film.

Irene Adler is the only one who I could possibly think may have been possibly out of character, but then she only physically appears in one short story and I think the movie just expanded her. She wasn't an annoying love interest (although there was a bit of romance there, which I wasn't thrilled with, but it wasn't over the top or completely out of character, it was more like extreme intruige on Holmes' part though it could be considered romantic I suppose), and she was only a damsel in distress really once, which wasn't too bad (especially considering this was a fairly big-budget action movie, love interests tend to be extremely annoying, say stupid things, constantly in trouble or used to get the protagonist in trouble, then do some little thing that ends up helping to save the day that is kind of unbelievable and takes away frm the movie--Irene Adler didn't do that), and others in the movie were in distress more. Plus, she was interesting, and wasn't constantly tagging along with Holmes and Watson (and when she was with them, it wasn't without a reason). And she was introduced and ended in the film in a believable appropriate way for her character.

Holmes and Watson's relationship was by far the best part of the film. Although Watson stood up to Holmes more than I expected him to, it made their banter that much more interesting and fun. I loved the way the two of them interacted, Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. definitely did excellent jobs with them. Watson was not an idiot (and he is not supposed to be), but Holmes was more intelligent. But while Holmes was more intelligent and intuitive, Watson is much more personable. And the two of them are incredibly close despite their differences.

In short, I really enjoyed the movie. It could have been a little better maybe, but I was not dissapointed. Perhaps the little problems I had were with the director (which seems to be what everyone I've spoken to before the movie came out and afterwards was worried or upset about). So I would love it if they kept the same cast (although perhaps excluding Irene Adler so long as they don't add in an original random woman to be Holmes' love interest--if any character doesn't need one, it is him, and if he does he has his Watson) and writer, and just change the director for a sequel? Or keep with the same director and have a sequel. I really enjoyed the movie and would love a sequel. Sequel. XD

Again LJ??

Again LJ has messed up my previous entry. There were spaces. Now I must try to fix again... grr...

ETA: Okay, fixed. It's a long entry, but has a fair amount of ranting so hopefully isn't boring. Contains the fight and problems I had with the self-obsessed drunk asshole I got to deal with at 7 in the morning on my first 12AM-8AM shift...

Freaking LJ...

No idea why the format just screwed up so horribly on my last entry... off to try and fix it....

UPDATE: Okay, it's fixed  (much easier than I thought). That was weird and annoying...

It's Over, and It Begins

My Fall semester is finally freaking over!!! I took my last final yesterday (i have no idea how I did on these, I will probably post more on it later).
Yet, it doesn't feel like break yet, probably because tonight is the first of my 12AM-8AM shifts... I have no idea how terrible or okay these shifts will be. Luckily, they are all in my dorm building (which I signed a paper allowing me to stay in my dorm room as much as I like over winter break)--which is good seeing as weather is already predicting a possible BLIZZARD tomorrow morning. Yay for not having to go out in the freezing cold and possible snow!! 

I will be working, for those who missed it, 12AM-8AM Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (yes, that includes Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's). I also have to work two Sundays (in two days is the first Sunday I have to work). I supposedly will get a meal break (one that I HAVE to take) which I have been told is a half hour. My suspicion is that it will come halfway through, around 4AM, so I'm not sure what I will be doing for half an hour at 4AM...
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I don't have much of a right to do this really since I haven't been commenting on anyone's LJ much at all lately (which will probably drastically change come winter break) but still, I wanted to do this a while ago and since it is actually working now and I'm thinking about it, here we go!

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Gay Rights Day!

First off, fantastic news, which I making this entry on via my cell phone-- Obama has signed the Matthew Shepard Act into law today!! Attacks/crimes against people because of their sexuality is now officially a federal hate crime!! *wears Matthew Shepard hat with pride*

Also, coincidentally, on campus today at 4:30 (which I'm currently waiting for), there is a major debate between the President of the National Organization for Marriage (big Anti-gat marriage group) and the President of Marriage Equality for New York on the issue of gay marriage entitled "Who Should Marry?". It will be interesting to say the least, because I've yet to hear a real arguement against same-sex marriage that makes any sense or holds water at all. It is always either religion, ignorance, or lies from the opponents.

I'm actually shocked the NOM leader agreed to this, which is mostly why I'm going--currently alone but maybe someone I know will show up. And I will not be silent the entire time if I'm allowed to make questions or comments because that's practically impossible for me on this issue. I wonder if any college student NOM supporters will show up--there are a bunch of kids here with me already holding support same-sex marriage signs. So I wonder if the other side of people my age will show up too, as I'm sadly sure they exist (although it's one thing to have that opinion, and another to fee strongly enough to go to a debate about it) and wonder why they feel that way.

Will probably post a longer entry later and fill you all in more on this and on the many crazy things going on in my life that I meant to do last week. (Things are ridiculously busy.)

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Matthew Shepard Act Update!!

I have a lot to update all of you on, since I will finally have some time today. Although I'm going to the doctor in an hour, so can't say too much right now. But I would be totally out of line not to inform everyone of this:

New York Times:

House Votes To Extend Hate Crmes Definition

WASHINGTON-- The House voted Thursday to expand the definition of violent federal hate crimes to those committed because of a victim's sexual orientation, a step that would extend new protection to lesbian, gay, and transgender people.

Democrats hailed the vote of 281 to 146, which brought the measure to the brink of becoming law, as the culmination of a long push to the curb violent expressions of bias like those of the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay Wyoming college student.
(rest of article)

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